Pressure sensors IMI Precision Engineering with IO-Link capability

Posted 15 February 2021
IMI Precision sensori pressione IMI Norgren 54D 34D

IMI Precision Engineering has expanded its range of pressure sensing technology solutions with the introduction of two new electronic pressure sensor options, which include IO-Link connectivity.
The IMI Norgren 54D and 34D Electronic pressure sensors can be used to automatically monitor pressure levels in a pneumatic system, or be used for more complex monitoring functions in water, hydraulic or all fluid applications.

The two products have replaced the existing range of three sensors, providing a number of operational benefits, including ease of installation and speedy set up times via push buttons or remotely via IO-Link connectivity, as well as supporting accurate application performance data capture and ease of use when in operation.

The IMI Norgren 54D Electronic pressure sensor offers engineers a simple set up and ease of operation. The robust, compact and lightweight design of the device makes it ideally suited for monitoring general vacuum and compressed air applications up to 16 bar. In addition, it features optional differential pressure sensing, meaning for example that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of a filter can be monitored, informing engineers in advance of maintenance being needed.

The IMI Norgren 34D Electronic pressure sensor is housed in a robust stainless steel body, making it ideal for operation within harsh and aggressive process control environments, with capability of handling pressure ranges from vacuum up to 600 bar. In addition, the 34D option features 18 part number variants and IO-Link connectivity as standard making it the ideal solution for engineering customers seeking a flexible, data driven solution. The design incorporates an angled display for easier visibility and operation, while installation is made easier thanks to rotatable body capability for easy alignment of the display.

Both the 54D and 34D pressure sensors are also supported by a range of mounting brackets, a flange adaptor and cables.

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