Mattei compressors for Pelliconi’s bottle tops production in China

Posted 12 December 2019
aria compressa Mattei Cina Pelliconi

Compressed air by Mattei is a crucial factor in the Chinese production of the Italian company Pelliconi, a specialized manufacturer of tops and closures for bottles and containers in glass, plastic and aluminium since 1939.

Pelliconi opened its production site in Suzhou, in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, in November 2016, consolidating its presence in China where the company previously had only commercial offices. The investment in the new opening was in part supported with a partnership with Carlsberg, by signing a multi-year contract for the Chinese exclusive production of the Maxi P-26 pull-out cap with plastic ring. The subsidiary is growing fast and rapidly expanding its market share in China, now providing caps to six bigger Chinese beer producers for their top-of-the range bottles. Approximately five million caps a day are produced in the Pelliconi’s Chinese plant and during 2019 production will reach 2 billion units for the local market alone.

Mattei has been present in Suzhou since 2014, with a production site that has seen growth of over 20%, both in terms of turnover and the number of employees. The Pelliconi plant in China has been the first to use the Mattei rotary vane compressors, achieving a significant energy saving on machines that endure heavy work cycles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All the special machines at Pelliconi are powered by compressed air, used for undertaking quality and waste control, where the air is used to removed below standard pieces from the production line.

Mattei sede Pelliconi SuzhouThe production lines of the Pelliconi plant in China are in particular powered by two single-stage Maxima 75 compressors, ideal for high demands of air as they can alternate their own operations, as well as a variable speed Optima 60 compressor, which thanks to the inverter, automatically regulates its operations based on the load profile. A confirmation of the high level of satisfaction with the rotary vane technology, is the arrival in early 2019 of a new Maxima Xtreme.

The choice of the new Mattei technology when it comes to compressors in Pelliconi was due to three main reasons: the high energy efficiency of the machines, the great quality of Mattei components, that do not suffer from wear and tear leading to lower maintenance costs, and finally the presence of a Mattei office in the territory, allowing very timely interventions and highly qualified service assistance.

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