Fluid Power Made in Italy for China with Aignep branch company

Posted 5 July 2021
fluid power Aignep apertura Cina

Aignep, Italian company based in Brescia and specialized in the fluid power sector, flew to China to open a branch company in Wuxi (Jiangsu). The project, which became reality in January 2019, marks the intention of the company from Bione to control the Chinese market even more efficiently, not just with the distribution network, but also with a new branch company.

Aignep, part of the Bugatti Group, was founded in 1976 as a contractor for fittings for the heating and sanitary industry, exploiting its know-how in the fittings and valves field. Over the years it has grown, currently producing a wide range of proposals for the fluid power sector. The branch company in Wuxi was founded thanks to the collaboration with a local distributor and outlines the intention to cover the Chinese demand, which represents 30% of the global market sector. An expansion to the East that has been cherished for a long time and matured thanks to a strong desire for internationalisation, a key principle for Aignep and the reason for its continuous growth.

Aignep China fluid power branchThe Chinese branch represents a Made in Italy that flies to China without forgetting the needs of the country where it lands; the aim is, in fact, to create a production of pneumatic cylinders completely dedicated to the Chinese market. A line of products created ad hoc to meet the demand of both the local buyers and the various sectors of use, one of which is automation, the company’s main core business.

In addition to this dedicated line, there are still five divisions of product which Aignep markets in China as in all its other branch companies: fittings, quick couplings, automation, the Fluidity series to control fluids and the Infinity series for the distribution of compressed air. The company’s products are characterized by an extreme miniaturization, combining continuous research in the technological field and customization in order to meet the needs of the customer from the first design phase. With particular attention not just to the buyer but also to the regulations of the country of distribution with complete personalization of the proposal.

China represents in particular one of the focal points of Aignep’s trade, together with the USA, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and France. Aignep’s products are distributed all over the world, and the arrival in China with a branch company represents another step in this expansion process based on a winning business model that does not affect the quality of a range of unique products supported by patents and international certifications.

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