Optimized piston seal Trelleborg for powerful hydraulics

Posted 5 November 2018
guarnizione pistoni Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Zurcon Glyd Ring D

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions presents Zurcon Glyd Ring D, a best in class piston seal developed for equipments employed in powerful hydraulic applications, with high pressures and elevated temperatures. The pioneering seal was a joint development between Trelleborg’s R&D centre in Stuttgart, Germany, and their Polyurethane Centre of excellence in Livorno, Italy. The seal is manufactured from Zurcon Z13 polyurethane PU material, specially developed to cope with pressures up to 500 bar at both sides of the seal, and at temperatures up to +120° C.

The seal offers high performances and lengthened service life even under demanding conditions, also thanks to optimized contact pressure and minimized heat generated from friction. The compact seal respond to increasing demands from applications where machine equipments and motors are being fitted with more powerful hydraulic cylinders, subjecting the hydraulics to higher pressures and temperatures. The innovative design incorporates two special grooves in the D-shaped profile of the seal to sustain an oil film for sufficient lubrication of the seal against its counter surface, ensuring adequate friction.

Core industrial applications for Zurcon Z13 Glyd Ring D include construction machinery, earthmoving equipment, mobile cranes, forklift trucks and any other solutions involving mobile hydraulics. The seal offers superior resilience and good friction properties. It is compatible with hydraulic, mineral, synthetic and water-based fluids, and with a hardness of 60 shore D offers outstanding wear resistance, excellent extrusion properties and hydrolysis resistance.

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