Hydraulic controllers Parker for safety in mobile applications

Posted 25 February 2019
veicoli mobili funzioni sicurezza controlli Parker IQAN

The Electronic control business unit of Parker Hannifin presents three controllers IQAN SIL2/PLd for the control of functional safety in off-highway mobile machinery applications. The RISE (SP) certified IQAN-MC4xFS controllers combine robustness and straightforward system integration, developed to provide a more cost-effective way of meeting safety standards required for heavy mobile machinery.

Certified to IEC 61508 SIL2, the series is designed for electronic controllers that are evolving with safety functions up to SIL2/PLd. With the update of the EN ISO 13849-1:2015, the IQAN-MC4xFS is suited for use in applications where non-certified controllers were previously accepted. Typical applications include reach stackers, aerial platforms, refuse truck loaders, mobile cranes, telehandlers, and steer-by-wire forestry machinery and construction machinery.

The IQAN-MC4xFS builds on the success of Parker’s earlier MC4x versions, with full pin compatibility, and incorporates a significant amount of monitoring functionality. Extended diagnostics measures have also been introduced, such as the run-time diagnostics of dangerous faults, along with extensive start-up tests. Further features include the execution of safety-related applications in the lockstep core, ECC-protected Flash and RAM, and the implementation of a safety-certified Real-Time Operating System.

The controller is available in three versions: the MC41FS is designed for one or two safety functions in support of cost-efficient, task-oriented control; the MC42FS offers a higher number of safe outputs for mid-size applications and I/O distribution; and the MC43FS is a large centralised controller for applications involving multiple safety functions. The series offers full compatibility with the established IQANdesign platform which provides an intuitive tool for programming, simulation, testing, production, service and maintenance.

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