Awards on year closing for Walvoil, between green and know-how

Posted 20 January 2022
Walvoil awards riconoscimenti 2021

Walvoil closed the 2021 with three important awards, such as the BAQ2021 label for Quality Alternation assigned by the Italian Confindustria, for the school-job alternation programs offered by the company.

Walvoil has always been committed to building and maintaining virtuous partnerships with schools, universities and training institutions in the territories where it is located: by opening the doors of its plants to show students and schoolchildren its business reality and make its know-how available, through a constant dialogue in the design phase of educational programmes, providing materials for school laboratories or collaborating in other activities for training purposes.

In addition, the company won the JCB Suppliers Award, assigned during the JCB Suppliers Conference held last 15th December 2021 in Delhi, for quick and comprehensive development of new products and subsequent rapid ramp-up of production, in the New product introduction programme category. Over the last few years, Walvoil has developed many new products for JCB, one of the three main worldwide manufacturers of construction machinery, for various extremely challenging applications.

Finally, the company has also received the prestigious Kubota Green Award on November 18th, established a few years ago by the company with the aim of recognizing and rewarding the virtuous behavior of its suppliers in terms of environmental sustainability, raising awareness among its partner companies. The Kubota Group is committed to supporting the harmonious development of our planet and mankind – with products that contribute to abundant food production, good quality water supply and restoration of water resources – as well as the creation of a comfortable living environment through its high-quality products, technologies and services.

Walvoil has gained the 2021 recognition thanks to several projects aimed at transforming its activities and locations in a sustainable way. Specific projects which are the result of a global vision caring for the present and the future of the people who work in the group and of the planet.

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