Increased applications for F.lli Giacomello flowswitches

Posted 23 July 2020
flussostati FLU P F.lli Giacomello

The Italian F.lli Giacomello has further expanded the range of potential applications of the FLU/P flowswitch and flowmeter series, thanks to some modifications on seals.

New tests carried on the devices have proved that the FLU/P is now able to stand a minimum pressure of 25 bar, compared to the previous 5 bar limit. The improvement greatly widens the range of possible employs, offering a variety of application modes.

The body made of Grilamid TR55 ensures very high resistance, allowing to use the devices for liquids such as water or oil, but also diluents, trichloroethylene and others. The flowswitch FLU/P offers high visibility on each side and a clear reading of the scale. Thanks to the conformation of the cone, a linear progression is achieved, with movements of the shutter regularly matching the increases of the flow rate.

FLU/P can be equipped with one or two reed contact alarm sensors, optionally supplemented by red LED (or green on demand) for field signaling of the presence or absence of the pre-defined flow rate.

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