Fluidity Line, increased performance

Posted 30 August 2016

Fluidity is the Aignep solenoid valves line; divided into three types according to flow rate: direct acting, diaphragm and indirect acting. The direct acting solenoid valve scan supply an accepted maximum pressure of 40 bar, thanks to the diameter of the fluid passage orifice, which measures from 1 to 5 mm. The diaphragm valves can reach a pressure of 25 bar as they have a fluid passage orifice with diaphragm that varies from 10 to 25 mm. In this case, the diameter of threading goes from ¼”to 1”. Although the third type of solenoid valve (03F range diaphragm type) has the same threading diameter and orifice dimensions, it allows the diaphragm to be opened-closed even at pressures that may reach approx. 0 bar. Three types of gaskets are envisioned in order to cover the most varied applications: the NBR is recommended for temperatures from -10°C to +90°C (air, inert gases and water up to 75°C, mineral oils, fuel oils and diesel), for temperatures from -10°C up to +140°C the use of FKM is recommended (mineral oils, gasoline and fuel oils),while the EPDM type is used for temperatures from -10°C to +140°C (hot water and steam at a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar). The stainless steel servo-assisted valve is laser welded, allowing it to reach pressures of up to 40 bar and be used in demanding applications. “The Fluidity Line is one of five ranges we produce and on which we are investing a great deal, to the point that in the future it could become a Business Unit, since it allows us to cover a very extensive market by intercepting any type of fluid (from gas to water and oils) – comments Graziano Bugatti, General Manager of Aignep (see figure) -. T395Aignep-aperturahis line is an evolution of our experience: that regarding the valve body in the fittings sector and regarding automation with the servo-assisted valve.”



Improved performance

The solenoid valve body is in brass, but from the autumn it will also be available in stainless steel; ideal for applications in environments with the presence of aggressive fluids (the food sector for example). The armature tube, the fixed and mobile core and the springs are all in stainless steel. This choice allows product strength and duration over time. Other new developments for the autumn include the direct acting solenoid valves in the Fluidity range: they will be manufactured in 316 stainless steel using new injection process technology. This will allow the cost of the product to be reduced by at least 30% with respect to those manufactured using the traditional precision casting process. The appearance of the solenoid valves will also be improved; they will have a much smoother surface, which guarantees greater fluidity of the liquid and less sediment deposit.




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