Renewables from waves with Moog and Italian PoliTo

Posted 23 November 2020
Moog pompa elettroidrostatica

It’s name is ISWEC – Inertial sea wave energy converter, and it’s a project developed by Wave for Energy, a spin-off of the Italian Polytechnic University of Torino which employs Moog’s electro-hydrostatic motor-pump unit (EPU) to convert the waves’ energy into electrical power.

The collaboration showcases the great potential offered by Moog’s oil-embedded electro-hydrostatic technology, applied to systems managing great forces and low speeds. The project aims to convert the wave power in the Mediterranean Sea to produce electric power, to supply off-shore plants or coast communities grids. Moog’s technology enabled the development of a Power take off (PTO) system which is able to convert the irregular motion of a shaft into stabilized electrical power.

Moog_PoliTo_1 ISWECThe electro-hydrostatic transmission combined with the oil-embedded technology by Moog allows indeed to manage irregular power generated by waves using a smaller number of components, ensuring a more efficient and reliable power transmission with higher performances compared to electromechanical solutions.

The solution developed by Moog is composed by a 80 CC EPU in input and a 19 CC EPU on the output. In between, the system employs a passive valves rectifier bridge, which rectifies the bidirectional flow generated by the primary EPU, and a power storage system aimed to damp the power system oscillations.

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