PTC launches new Software as a Service PLM offering

Posted 26 May 2022
PTC Windchill PLM SaaS

PTC has launched its Windchill+ product lifecycle management (PLM) software, which is delivered via a modern software as a service (SaaS) architecture. The PLM solution leverages the benefits of SaaS to facilitate greater collaboration around product data to help product development organisations bring their products to market faster.

“For more than two decades, many of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing companies have used Windchill to design, develop, and manufacture their products – said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO of PTC -. Windchill+ unleashes an exciting new future for our Windchill product line, delivering the full digital transformation power of PLM while simplifying deployment, usage and upgrades through the use of a modern SaaS architecture”.

Analysts estimate that manufacturers invested more than $450 billion in digital transformation initiatives in 2021, with SaaS adoption accelerating due, in part, to the global pandemic. For many companies, PLM is increasingly viewed as a backbone to digital transformation, and SaaS PLM solutions are now seen as ‘the system of record for product data maintaining continuity across a digital thread that connects people, processes, and complex systems‘.

Windchill+ combines the transformational benefits of a modern SaaS architecture with PLM speed, agility and openness. By embracing SaaS, customers can reduce or eliminate their on-premises legacy applications and solutions. Clients can also move from PLM implementation to full usage with speed and simplicity, easily accelerating PLM adoption across the entire organisation. Going forward, Windchill+ enables faster, easier and more secure collaboration with external supply chain partners and PTC is committed to leveraging the SaaS architecture of Windchill+ to deliver new versions and PLM capabilities to global customers.

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