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Posted 23 September 2021
Weerg additive manufacturing additivo Nylon PA12 rinforzato vetro

The Italian online service for CNC machining and 3D printing Weerg has introduced a new material to its additive manufacturing portfolio, PA12 Glass-filled Nylon.

Filled with 40% glass spheres that increase rigidity and structural integrity, this material, specific for 3D printing, will be processed with HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 industrial systems, of which the Venetian facility has one of the largest installations in the world. For the manufacturing of pieces and components in glass-fiber reinforced PA12 Nylon, Weerg has activated Specialized Processing Stations and a Post-Processing line, which further strengthen the production department.

“We have always selected and optimized the best materials for printing, with the aim of responding effectively to any production need, including those of specific product categories that require special mechanical and physical properties” states Matteo Rigamonti, Weerg founder. On it is possible to order printings in 40% glass filled PA12 Nylon with a just a few clicks, without minimum purchase quantities, at highly competitive prices and with the guarantee of the same delivery times as the other materials in the portfolio. “This is possible thanks to our high production capacity and an organization dedicated to the highest standards of Industry 4.0 automation, which allows us to optimize management time and costs for any type of processing”, continues Rigamonti.

Weerg additive manufacturing additivo materiale Nylon PA12 caricato vetroThe company has already received thousands of orders and has processed daily quotation requests through its unique online quotation tool for the new material. “These requests arise mainly from the automotive industry sector, for crankcase printing and, in general, for applications that require higher strength and minimum deformation”, says Rigamonti.

Actually, 40% glass-fiber reinforced PA12 Nylon is ideal for functional prototypes, final parts that require high strength and dimensional accuracy, as well as for large flat components that are often more susceptible to deformation. The fiberglass-reinforced PA12 parts manufactured by Weerg are 100% filled, a feature that further increases their stability, making it possible to create articulated and assembled objects. The advantages also include excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, and aliphatic and alkaline hydrocarbons. In addition, glass-reinforced PA12 Nylon absorbs minimal moisture, ensuring optimum performance even outdoors and at low temperatures, including sub-zero temperatures. Supported by UL certification, which authenticates its safety in the event of potential fire, electrical shock and mechanical hazards, this material enables the manufacture of products that comply with the main international standards.

40% glass fiber PA12 Nylon also offers enhanced aesthetic performance compared to traditional PA12 Nylon and is suitable for a wide range of surface finishes offered by Weerg, going from classic dyeing to industrial painting with two-component paints available in different colors, in both semi-matt and semi-gloss versions. These are treatments that improve the aesthetics of the components while preserving the physical and mechanical characteristics intact.

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