Minimal quantity lubrication technology from DropsA

Posted 23 September 2019
lubrificazione minimale DropsA

DropsA developed a special technology for minimal quantity lubrication and near dry machining that ensures an efficient lubrication without waste. The technology has been developed for both processes of tool external lubrication (MiQuel) and internal or ‘through the tool’ lubrication (Mkd-Dual).

The technology replace traditional coolant and pure oil flood systems in a machining environment with an accurately controlled compressed air stream that carries minimal quantities of lubricating oil in an aerosol format, directly to the cutting surface. This ensures a proper lubrication of the cutting surface, allowing high performance machining with a reduction of working time and with no lubrication waste.

A positive impact is also obtained in terms of a more clean working environment, avoiding the disposal of coolant oil, with an overall optimization of the whole production process. In external lubrication the oil is transported via an external nozzle to the cutting surface placed in the vicinity of the tool and workpiece. In internal lubrication, the oil is transportated through internal lubrication holes in the cutting tool.

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