Linear motion with Rollon structural rails

Posted 22 March 2018
guide lineari strutturali Rollon Speedy Rail

Following the acquisition of the Milan based company TMT, the Italian Rollon has added to its offering the Speedy Rails, self supporting rails combining a linear motion solution and a structural product. Speedy Rails are self-aligning structural rails made of hard anodized extruded aluminium profiles and steel bearings coated with a plastic compound.

The combination makes the product highly resistant to dirty environments and to wear, ensuring a life up to 80.000 km with no lubrication or maintenance. The combination of both a structural and a sliding system ensures greater design freedom, in applications such as automotive, packaging and the ceramic, marble, glass, wood and metal processing industries. The large sized rollers and the convex profiles make it the ideal solution for harsh environments, such as ceramic processing or welding. The plastic compound coating of the rollers also allows the smaller debris to be absorbed without affecting its sliding quality, also ensuring a very quite operation.

Speedy Rails can be used as linear rails or actuators, and can be operated with a belt or with a rack and pinion system. They are available with V type and cylindrical rollers, in five different sizes: 60, 90, 120, 180 and 250mm. The rails ensure high speeds, up to 15 m/s, and great accelerations, up to 10 m/s2, as well as an outstanding capability to control misalignment: ± 4 mm. The product also offers a great loading capacity, higher than 3,000 kg for gantry configurations with 4 cursors and 8 rollers.

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