Motion solutions, Duplomatic enters in Daikin Industries

Posted 5 May 2022
Duplomatic accordo cessione Daikin

Alcedo Sgr and Daikin Industries announced that Alcedo have agreed to sell Duplomatic Motion Solutions (trading name of Duplomatic MS S.p.A.), a leading Italian player in the global Motion Control market, to Daikin.

Alcedo, through Alcedo IV Fund, acquired the control of Duplomatic in 2017, in partnership with the top management of the company. Under the ownership of Alcedo, Duplomatic has developed organically and through strategic acquisitions to become a global leader in the manufacturing of pumps, valves, actuators and complete systems for the hydraulics market, along with electrical actuators and motion control solutions in general. The company has been constantly growing for the last years, increasing from one single facility to 15 production sites at present, covering Italy, Germany, the U.K., the U.S.A., Australia, China, and India. Growth has been accelerated by the Alcedo-driven acquisitions of the Hydreco Group (headquartered in U.K. with subsidiaries in six geographies) in 2019 and of Guenter Till GmbH & Co KG Praezisionsmechanik (headquartered in Germany) in 2021. The Group’s revenues are today in excess of 147 million euro, servicing more than 5.000 customers globally. The company is headquartered in Parabiago, Milan, Italy.

Michele Gallo and Marco Guidolin, partners at Alcedo said: “We acquired Duplomatic in 2017 with 70 million euro of revenue and presence in three geographies. Today the Group’s revenue is over 147 million euro with presence in seven countries. This is a remarkable achievement for Duplomatic and its fantastic management team and we would like to thank them for the tremendous partnership that we have enjoyed for almost five years. We are delighted that having thrived under our ownership, Duplomatic can now continue to grow with Daikin as its partner“.

Duplomatic Daikin Roberto Maddalon-CEO accordo cessione“Over the last years, Duplomatic has expanded rapidly to become a key supplier for mobile (agricultural equipment, construction, earth-moving machines) and industrial automation applications – says Roberto Maddalon, CEO of Duplomatic -. This success has been achieved through the hard work of our people and a deep partnership with Alcedo. This relationship has helped to develop internationally and establish ourselves as a key supplier to our customers. I sincerely thank Alcedo for their incredible support and am looking forward to the next step of our journey with Daikin. Their global reach provides us with a significant platform for success as we seek to execute our ambitious growth plans together“.

Daikin said: “We are so grateful to Alcedo and Duplomatic for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. Daikin is aiming toward contributing to sustainable society through business activities, and we believe Duplomatic is the best partner for such purpose in the hydraulic field. Especially in Europe, we would be pleased to serve growing demands for carbon neutrality in industrial sectors by combining Duplomatic’s wide product portfolio and strong system design capability, and Daikin’s energy-saving ‘Hybrid’ hydraulic technologies. And with the complementary nature between Duplomatic and Daikin in terms of product, geography and technologies, we foresee further growth opportunities worldwide. We are thrilled in welcoming Duplomatic to Daikin group, and look forward to enjoying new endeavour together with all employees of Duplomatic group”.

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