High cutting performance toric carbide endmill from Mikron Tool

Posted 2 May 2022
Mikron fresa CrazyMill torica sgrossatura fresatura

Cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool expanded its Crazy Mill Cool P&S milling cutter family, developed for roughing and finishing operations, with a toric version.

The new carbide endmill from Mikron Tool combines the strengths of milling and drilling and is designed for machining stainless steel, titanium, CoCr alloys and superalloys. Like its cylindrical predecessors, this drill/milling cutter can plunge perpendicularly into the material up to 1 x d and then continue machining laterally. The tool can mill holes, ramps, grooves and sides, slots and pockets in the tightest of spaces seemingly without resistance in materials that are difficult to machine. It cuts powerfully with high precision, stability and excellent cutting parameters, achieving high removal rates which are possible thanks to the high cutting and feed rates and an infeed (ae) of 1 x d each, giving the maximum performance when a corner radius is required.

Offering the right tool for each shape, the drill milling cutter features a long tool life and excellent surface quality starting from a one-millimeter diameter. The tool is available in the diameter range of 1 to 8 mm /.039″ to .315″ in the following two versions: Type A: 2.5 x d Crazy Mill Cool P&S Corner Radius, cutting length 2.5 x d, Z3, and Type C: 5 x d Crazy Mill Cool P&S Corner Radius, cutting length 2.0 x d, Z3.

According to Mikron Tool, the tool eventually offers up to five times higher material removal rates as well as up to five times less machining time. This in turn leads to a five times longer tool life. With a perfectly controlled chip removal, the tool achieves a surface quality of Ra ≤ 0,5 µm (20 in µ).

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