Flexible measurement for electric mobility, 40 million euro to Marposs from EIB

Posted 30 January 2023
Marposs BEI soluzioni misura e controllo mobilità elettrica e idrogeno

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending a €40 million for research, development and innovation activities to the Italian company Marposs, specialized in the provision of precision instruments for measurement and control in the manufacturing environment.

Specifically, the EIB loan will contribute to the development of innovative flexible process measurement and control systems, measurement systems for components intended for electric mobility applications, as well as equipment and measurement systems dedicated to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Since 2013, the EU bank has lent €102 million to Marposs across three operations.

The agreement will thus help facilitate and accelerate the development and production of electric vehicle technologies and innovative solutions to promote energy efficiency, advanced manufacturing technologies and support digitisation primarily in the automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Marposs finanziamento BEI ricerca sistemi misura e controllo mobilità elettrica“With this operation, the EU bank demonstrates its backing for the Italian business community by supporting a firm like Marposs, which is helping to accelerate the electrification and decarbonisation of several key sectors, such as transport”, said EIB Vice-President Gelsomina Vigliotti.

“As part of a key growth project, the Marposs Group has successfully embarked on a strategy based on both expansion into new market sectors and the development of innovative solutions aimed at the world of electric cars and fuel cells – said Marposs CEO Alessandro Strada -. We are honoured to be able to count on the EIB’s continued support and confidence in our ability to be a benchmark for quality control on the road to sustainable mobility“.

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