Additive wire-laser metal 3D printer solutions from Mitsubishi Electric

Posted 26 April 2022
Mitsubishi Electric stampante 3D in metallo a filo laser

Mitsubishi Electric announed the release last March 1 of two models of the AZ600 wire-laser metal 3D printer, which melts welding wire with a laser beam to create high-quality 3D structures.

Digital additive-manufacturing technology combined with simultaneous 5-axis spatial control and coordinated control of machining conditions delivers stable, high-quality 3D printing. Furthermore, it contributes to manufacturing in a decarbonized era by reducing energy consumption, saves resources by shortening of processing time and using highly efficient production methods such as ‘near-net-shape‘, and supports the build-up of repairs for the maintenance of specialist parts for automobiles, ships and aircraft. Additionally, a new contract printing service utilizing these printers will help the adoption of additive manufacturing by offering product design consultation, prototyping and general advice about the application of 3D metal printing.

The company underlines how in recent years the growing need to reduce CO2 emissions in the metalworking manufacturing industry has stimulated an increase in demand for more efficient metalworking methods that reduce energy consumption and conserve finite natural resources. In particular, demand is expected to grow for metal 3D printers, which create objects from 3D shape data. This has the advantages of significantly shortening the conventional manufacturing process, reducing waste materials in the manufacturing process, and improving design flexibility by making it easier to integrate multiple parts and reduce weight. On the other hand, metal 3D printers that use powder-based feedstock have issues with material management, workability and safety, and a new additive manufacturing process has been required.

To solve the problems with powder-based printers, Mitsubishi Electric is then launching AZ600, its wire-laser metal 3D printer which is able to realize high-quality, high-precision 3D printing and contributes to manufacturing that considers its environmental impact by reducing energy consumption and waste.

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