Cutting rigidity by Soraluce awarded

Posted 3 February 2016

Soraluce has been awarded with the Quality innovation of the year 2015 for its DAS System, in the large companies category. The DAS System (Dynamic active stabilised) it’s a device reducing the risk of chatter during machining process, increasing dynamic rigidity of the machine and the cutting capacity by up to 300%. The system also improves surface quality and reduces the risk of tool breakages by increasing their useful lifetime, in extreme cutting conditions. Patent pending, DAS was designed to meet user’s needs, coming from the joint efforts between Soraluce and IK4-Ideko, technology center of Danobatgroup.

The system was tested at Bimatec Soraluce, in all kinds of machining processes, such as press heads and motor pole shoes or die, bringing in all of them a reduction of up to 45% in milling times. The award, organized by the Finnish quality association, this year was hosted by the Estonian association for quality (EAQ), with a ceremony that took place in Tallin, Estonia. At this link, a video on DAS System

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