Versatile and compact stainless steel levels F.lli Giacomello

Posted 17 December 2020
F.lli Giacomello livello Inox FD SA

F.lli Giacomello presents the IEG-Inox-FD-SA compact levels, entirely built in stainless steel and therefore suitable for the production processes of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The levels are part of a line of extremely versatile small levels that the company created to be positioned in the exact point to be monitored. These are practical and functional levels able to adapt to every customer need thanks to their characteristics: different types of material, monitoring, threaded, flanged and pressure connections.

In particular, the IEG-Inox-FD-SA levels are suitable for solvents, thinners and all liquids compatible with stainless steel, offering a simple operating principle. When the indicator float encounters the Reed switch incorporated in the tube at its predetermined distance in its stroke, the contact, triggered by the magnet housed in the float, opens or closes, thus having the possibility of remotely sending a luminous recall signal, an acoustic signal or to interrupt any electrical equipment connected to it.

The assembly of the indicator must be carried out in a vertical position, with the caveat that the float is at least 35mm away from the ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks etc.). Furthermore, to reverse the contact from N.CH to N.O., just remove the lower stop and turn the float upside down.

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