Tube bending Transfluid with rapid tool change

Posted 6 September 2017
curvatubi cambio utensili Transfluid

Transfluid presents the tube bending machine t bend DB 40120-CNC-VE for tube processing for diameters of up to 127 mm, equipped with rapid automatic tool change. The machine allows bending radii of 1 x D at very low wall thicknesses. In the scope of a current project, the setup of the bending machine has been implemented fully electrically, with all movement axes optimally synchronized by the transfluid sequence control, with the possibility to programming controlled against each other.

Thanks to simple operation, all parameters can be taken from the CAD and the corresponding form spanners can be called automatically as required. Subsequent costs have also been reduced by an automatic spanner change system, and the time frame for tool change is comparable to that of radius change. The DB 40120-CNC-VE has two tool levels, enabling to change the spanners eight times, so that each tube can be bent even in highly complex geometries. To implement the narrow radii at relatively low wall thickness, the pipe bending machine has an additional pusher device that can guide in a controlled way even the last bend at short remaining lengths.


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