Smart manufacturing drives growth of Italian KTI company Protom

Posted 28 July 2022
Protom crescita 2021 Salvatore Rionero smart manufacturing KTI

Protom, a KTI (knowledge & technology-intensive) Italian company, closed 2021 in the name of growth with production value exceeding 22 million euros in 2021 (from 14,5 million in 2020). The great transformations, both digital and environmental, lead the company to exceed the targets set by the 2020-2024 industrial plan.

Driving revenues is indeed the Smart Manufacturing division, which represents 44% of the total and can count on clients of the caliber of ABB and Leonardo. The company’s goal is to bring the division’s weight to 65% by the end of the year. This is followed by the Digital Transformation division, which accounts for 28% and is divided into two different business lines: consultancy and development / sale of proprietary products such as, for example, the Gap platform.

Other financial results include Ebitda exceeding 2.5 million euros and permanent employees are more than 220. In the last two years the company has filed five patents and generated three spin-offs focused on the development of innovative proprietary products, one of which is close to welcoming the entry of a venture capital fund. All this thanks to the action of the Innovation Lab which in the last two years has perfected highly innovative solutions through the integration of the most advanced technologies, with particular attention to the Education sector.

Some of these technologies have therefore been channeled into dedicated spin-offs such as Protom Robotics and ScuoLab, the first to create a Social Robot to be included in the classroom, equipped with artificial intelligence to support teaching and the growth experience in the classroom; the second, on the other hand, allows the use of real laboratories relating to Stem materials that are completely virtualized and usable in the cloud.

“After a phase of construction of the company, which involved its first 25 years of life – explains Salvatore Rionero, CEO of Protom -, we have worked on a new phase, destined to endow it with very different skills. The growth of the company is the result of the subsequent stratification of the skills acquired by operating in sectors with high added value. We are the only company with these characteristics, the first Italian KTI company. We are reaping the benefits of a long-term investment, which is destined to consolidate over the next few years”.

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