Smart automation and Humanufacturing at the Comau Tech Day

Posted 17 October 2019
Mate esoscheletro Comau

Comau presented its complete portfolio of solutions and technologies for smart automation at the event ‘A day beyond the line’, a Tech Day held in the company’s Innovation Center in Grugliasco, Turin, on last September 24th. A team of experts specialized in the design of 4.0 automation solutions took the participants to discover the latest Comau technologies in terms of collaborative robotics, wearable robotics, logistics, laser applications and digital manufacturing.

The immersive journey went through different work areas, involving the visitors allowing them to experience all the potential and possibilities of use of every single Comau technology, designed to optimize their work processes from the perspective of smart manufacturing. Among these technologies, there were some of the most popular HUMANufacturing solutions from Comau, such as the collaborative robot with high load on the wrist, Aura, and the Comau Mate exoskeleton developed to improve the work quality of operators by supporting them in carrying out their daily activities.

Aura robot collaborativo Comau

logistica automatizzata Agile AGV ComauFor automated logistics operations, in any industrial sector, Comau presented the new Agile1500 AGV with lithium batteries and M.I.O. (Modular Intralogistics Organizer), the work module developed to improve management of the flow of materials from the warehouse to the line. Among the solutions dedicated to digital manufacturing, in.Grid, the innovative Comau IoT platform, showed how it allows the analysis of production data and monitoring in real time to increase productivity and rationalize the operating costs online.

Also on display was the Vir.GIL digital platform, designed to guide workers in performing manual operations, allowing ‘almost human’ interaction between the operator and the machine. Among the laser applications was Lhyte, the Comau multifunction laser source that combines fiber or diode laser sources to offer greater flexibility, precision and work speed. Finally, available to experience was e.DO, the modular robot with open-source integrated intelligence developed for educational purposes.

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