SKF automated lubrication systems for ERG wind turbines

Posted 16 July 2020
turbine eoliche ERG lubrificazione automatica SKF

The SKF Windlub centralized lubrication system for wind turbines is supporting the Italian ERG, Italy’s leading producer of wind energy with an installed capacity of 1,814 MW, allowing the company to use a fully automated lubrication programme on its turbine fleet across seven countries.

SKF introduced ERG to the concept of planned servicing, including not only existing SKF lubrication systems but also new automated lubrication solutions. That’s specifically the Windlub centralized, automated lubrication upgrade system, especially designed for the power generation sector. Lubrication is a vital maintenance task in wind turbines, especially if manual methods are employed across remote and difficult-to-access sites. These tasks were becoming more demanding for ERG in terms of resources, and the company faced daily issues related to standard maintenance activities.

SKF introduced their systems to ERG technicians and engineers who began to work in three specific areas: service carried out on existing generator lubrication pump units; installation of automatic lubrication systems for those generators not already fitted with such systems; and finally the installation of automatic lubrication systems for turbine pitch bearings.

The company provided all necessary tools for the maintenance system upgrade, such as manual and battery operated filling pumps, assortment case boxes, fittings and pipes, the refurbishment of existing pump units and delivery of special after-market kits, each designed in accordance with the original OEM’s specifications.

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