Rigid couplings Ruland for food equipment

Posted 22 November 2021
Ruland rigid couplings giunti rigidi industria alimentare

Ruland rigid couplings offer high torque capacity, accuracy, and repeatability, making them the ideal choice for food equipment. Designers of food processing, baking, and packaging equipment benefit from the Nypatch anti-vibration hardware, precision honed bores, and high torque of these rigid couplings.

The components are manufactured with precision honed bores for concentricity to ensure the coupling does not introduce misalignment or vibration into the system. This reduces wear on components such as bearings and shafts and helps maintain consistent system performance.

The clamp type rigid couplings are supplied with proprietary Nypatch anti-vibration coating to prevent screws from loosening during operation. Nypatch is a 360-degree coating applied to several screw threads allowing for multiple screw insertions and providing the necessary dissimilar material to prevent galling on stainless steel type couplings. Significant time is saved in assembly as hardware needs no additional treatment prior to use.

Ruland giunti rigidi couplings settore alimentareThe rigid couplings are manufactured in 1215 lead-free steel with a proprietary black oxide finish for general purpose food applications, 2024 aluminium for low inertia, and 303 stainless steel for sanitized environments. Two-piece rigid couplings have a balanced design for reduced vibration and improved system performance.

Rigid couplings from Ruland are available in one and two-piece clamp and set screw styles with inch or metric bores in straight or step configurations, giving systems designers a wide variety of standard options to choose from. Bore sizes range from 1/8 inch to 2 inches and 3 mm to 50 mm. Special configurations such as no cross-cut, 316 stainless, and inch-to-metric bores are available by request. All Ruland rigid couplings are manufactured from select North American bar stock in Ruland’s factory in Marlborough, Massachusetts, under strict controls using proprietary processes.

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