Portable particle counter by MP Filtri for hydraulic health check

Posted 4 March 2021
contaminazione fluidi contatore particelle LPA3 MP Filtri

The LPA3 portable particle counter by Italian company MP Filtri is the culmination of an exhaustive three-year research and development programme, enabling operators to enjoy the functionalities and accuracy of a lab even when out in the field.

Featuring innovative optical and photodiode technology providing complete 8-channel measurement, the LPA3 delivers a fast and accurate comprehensive hydraulic health check, while its real-time online monitoring and proactive maintenance technology safeguards machinery, enhances performance and productivity and reduces both costs and unplanned downtime. Perfectly portable, with a weight of 10 kg, the device is simple to use thanks to its software specifically developed in-house, enabling first time operators to get up and running in minutes, without the need for a dedicated training programme.

Coming in a robust and durable co-polymer body case, the device offers a great storage capacity, as results from up to 4.000 tests can be retained in memory. MP Filtri’s LPA3 is designed to thrive in a wide range of sectors and applications and the machine can also be personalised for peak performance with operators able to tailor: sample volumes, flush sizes and the number of tests run concurrently. The LPA3 is even capable of completing the 100ml sample test in around one minute.

The product has a 10.1” full-colour highly responsive touch-screen display, with no need for a stylus, and features a customisable home screen which displays key performance information at-a-glance. Designed for professionals, the LPA3 features a comprehensive range of reporting formats, so wherever an operator is working and whatever standards used, the LPA3 has it covered. Reporting standards include: ISO 4406; NAS 1638; AS4059 (various); GBT14039; GJB420B and more.

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