Pneumatics orders via App with Aignep

Posted 2 November 2016
ordinare pneumatica app Aignep

Aignep developed AignepScan, an App conceived to place pneumatics orders, components and valves in one-click. iOS compatible (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and available for download on the web or through the company’s website, the app allows to make and place orders simply by scanning the QR code on the packaging of the product, or placed on the shelf in a warehouse or along the production line, entering the quantity and sending.

The labels with the QR code can be downloaded on the website, from the product or family product pages, and feature the QR code, the drawing and name of the product and, on request, the company code of the user. The app works via wifi, not requiring a phone card, and using a security password given by Aignep. AignepScan can be used everywhere in the world, by setting up the desired language, and allows to group several orders, memorized to be sent in a unique order. Once placed, the app sends an e-mail to Aignep and to the purchase department of the buyer, complete with an excell file compiled with all the order’s details ready to be processed.

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