Online CNC, Weerg grows in Europe and targets new markets

Posted 18 October 2021
Weerg siti multi lingua online CNC lavorazioni CNC stampa 3D online Rigamonti

Weerg, the Italian manufacturing service for online CNC manufacturing and 3D printing, launched a new internationalization strategy targeting European markets, now offering native language version websites to users in Germany, France and Spain, ensuring an increasingly global purchasing experience.

“Although we only had an English-language site, our online service received over 400,000 visitors from all over Europe – explains Matteo Rigamonti, founder of Weerg -, including many German, French and Spanish companies, for whom we have already manufactured more than 1 million parts”.

This is a sign of a growing interest in the Weerg formula, which aims to bring efficiency, savings, and simplicity to the world of mechanics and additive manufacturing even beyond national borders. Hence the decision to offer international customers an increasingly complete purchasing experience, investing in the creation of websites and customer service in native languages. “We were born in Italy 6 years ago – Rigamonti continues -. Today, the unicity of our business model and our production department lead us to break down language barriers, so we can offer the main European markets an even more efficient service”.

This is the direction Weerg is taking to conquer new foreign markets, starting with the launch of the three new online languages, to be followed by further launches in early 2022. “We are working on geomarketing strategies, fine-tuning different approaches based on the consumption habits of individual customers – Rigamonti adds, backed by the experience gained at the head of the web-to-print company Pixartprinting Spa, which he founded -. There are, in fact, different cultures, purchasing methods, schedules, but also different needs and regulations for each country. To support our expansion beyond national borders, it is therefore essential to know them in depth and respond effectively to their specific needs”.

Weerg lavorazioni online CNC siti multi linguaWeerg’s mission, in fact, is to put the customer at the center, with the aim of making his life easier. A prerequisite, therefore, is to speak in their own language. To do this, the company is investing not only in the creation of online shops, but also in the optimization of dedicated workflows and in the strengthening of mother-tongue customer service. Another fundamental asset of the Weerg formula is the constant updating of the virtual showcase in a customer-centric key, to welcome the user in a familiar, safe, and comfortable environment, easy to navigate and characterized by total transparency. Proof of this is the exclusive online quotation tool that allows the user to know in real time which parts of the piece to be made cost more, so as to be able to optimize the project before placing the order. In addition, thanks to our proprietary software based on self-learning systems, quotes are refined from time to time based on the actual time required by the work already done.

With the addition of three new websites in different languages, Weerg confirms its vocation for innovation and its desire to become a reference hub for CNC manufacturing and any 3D printing need, boasting the largest installation of HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 industrial systems in the world. Weerg’s R&D department is also constantly engaged in the study of world-leading technologies: recently, the company was the first in the world to include PEEK, a material with mechanical properties similar to non-ferrous alloys, in the catalog with FDM printing technology, thus allowing the realization of geometries otherwise difficult to achieve.

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