Multifunctional hybrid machining center by PSS

Posted 28 October 2020
Peter-Wolters millGrind PSS

PSS, Precision Surfacing Solution, presents the multifunctional machining center millGrind BL10 by Elb-Schliff, a solution that combines five machining processes in one.

PSS is a brand that joins forces and expertise of eight well-know brands from the world of machining and grinding such as Lapmaster, Peter Wolters, ELB, ABA, Reform, Kehren, Micron and Barnes. The advantage of the union is having a complete machining solutions offering from a single source, to satisfy customer’s specific needs in the following surfacing solutions: surface and profile grinding, flat finishing, lapping and polishing, bore honing and finishing, abrasive and tooling, wire saw / wafering.

The hybrid machine combines five different processes in one machining center: grinding, drilling and milling in just one clamping, deep grinding and optionally the additive method of laser deposition welding in the other. This does not only save machine costs but valuable changeover and retrofit times. The PSS Group is characterized by the many decades of experience in the development of cost-effective machining solutions for virtually any application of each of their individually established product brands.

The manufacturers designed the millGrind mainly for the aerospace and supply industry, where there is a trend towards complete machining, especially for turbine components. Blades, rotor and turbine blades often require indeed milling or drilling in addition to primary machining by grinding.

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