Milling precision with digital torque wrench from BIG Kaiser

Posted 23 January 2023
BIG Kaiser serraggio digitale Mega Torque

BIG Kaiser presenta the digital Mega Torque wrench that employs a user-friendly digital interface and interchangeable head sizes for secure and accurate tightening of collet chucks, in order to achieve high milling precision.

The wrench has multiple settings, to ensure the right torque is applied. The recommended torque for each compatible BIG Kaiser collet chuck model is preset, and the correct tightening torque is easily available by simply choosing the model to be clamped. Its clear display makes it easy to use and combines a four-digital digital display with a high-precision five-level LED bar graph. When tightening is complete and the recommended torque is reached, the wrench vibrates and emits a warning beep, to alert the user.

“Having correctly clamped tools is extremely important for all collet tool holders, as precision and holding force can only be guaranteed with tools that have been clamped with the right torque setting – said Giampaolo Roccatello, chief sales & marketing officer for Europe at BIG Kaiser -. Additionally, manual assembly holders have a far longer lifetime than heat shrink holders that wear out a little every time they are clamped, which means they are better for the environment and cheaper for the user“.

The digital Mega Torque wrench provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive torque measurement machines. It is a much more flexible option than regular torque wrenches, which have a very limited clamping range so a customer needs many wrenches to cover the whole range of Mega6 to Mega20 collets. The new torque wrench is also a better choice than normal freewheel wrenches, which do not have any indicator for torque so the tool can be easily clamped too much or too little, resulting in low precision.

The torque wrench is powered by a built-in lithium battery, which provides up to 4.000 tightening operations from a full charge. The battery takes three hours to recharge and has a lifetime of approximately 500 recharges.

The digital Mega Torque wrench, already available on the market, is designed for use with cylindrical nuts up to 46 mm, with Mega Micro, Mega New Baby, and Mega E chucks. The wrench has a torque range from 5 Nm to 50 Nm.

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