Mechatronic solenoid valves by Aignep

Posted 16 January 2017
elettrovalvola meccatronica 15V Aignep

Aignep enters the mechatronic sector presenting its new modular and compact solenoid valve 15V series. The device represents an achievement of a project aimed to combine both pneumatics and mechatronics solutions, being the first of several products that the company will develop to satisfy the demand of this market. The 15V series is characterized by high performances, fast reaction time and easy communication with the control machine, both PLC and CNC.

The valve has two standard protocols available, Profibus and 37 Pin connection, with soon an upgrade to come with two further ones, Profinet and EtherNet/IP. Every solenoid valve has a specific thickness of 15mm, same size for both monostable and bistable models, allowing to connect up to 32 solenoids, performing a flow rate of 830 Ml/min. The body of the 15V is made by aluminum, while module’s body is made by reinforced technopolymer. The spool is realized by nickel-plated aluminum, pistons and seals are built in elastomer, and springs are made by stainless steel Aisi 302.

The 15V series comes with many accessories, such as the intermediate pneumatic supply allowing to employ the valve both for pressure and vacuum applications. Pilots and buttons are located in the same side of the valve, so that is possible to manually activate them, and the standard bases of the valves are single, with incorporated push-in fittings in order to optimize space. Led signals provide visual informations on the activity of each valve, and the protection degree is IP67. Quick and flexible installation and set-up allow to purchase both assembled valves or even spare components, in order to autonomously mount the 15V modular solenoid valve.

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