Industrial quantum sensors agreement between Trumpf and Sick

Posted 26 November 2020
Trumpf Sick sensori quantistici

Trumpf Q.ANT, a wholly-owned Trumpf subsidiary, and Sick have signed a cooperation agreement to work together on the development of quantum optical sensors, making quantum technology available for industrial use. The signing was preceded by a successful functional test of a quantum optical sensor for serial production.

Quantum sensors have hitherto mainly been used in research only, but they offer a huge opportunity for the future of the industry. Quantum technology enables indeed, for example, ultrafast measurements of the movement and size distribution of particles. Using laser light, quantum sensors permit highly efficient measurements that would be impossible with conventional processes, leading to completely new industrial applications.

Using quantum effects, additional details can be perceived from signal noise where, up to now, no specific signals would have been measureable. This enables the measurement of particles that are about two hundred times smaller than the width of a human hair.

The first use of the new quantum sensors is planned for 2021, and they will initially be used for analyzing substances in air.

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