Grinding technology Studer awarded in China for Best quality

Posted 25 March 2019
rettifica Studer Miglior qualità Shuanghuan Company Cina

The Chinese Shuanghuan Company presented Studer an award for Best Quality 2018, among the awards assigned every two years to its best suppliers. The company in China employs several thousand people, and it offers innovative solutions worldwide for mechanical gear systems.

Shuanghuan maintains a longstanding and intensive partnership with Studer, with already 45 Studer machines in the halls of the Shuanghuan Company, and several ones delivered in 2018 alone. On the high-precision cylindrical grinding machines of Studer, the company manufactures reduction gears for robots, vehicle transmissions and gears for trains, among other things. The reasons behind the award for Best Quality have been the high stability of Studer products, the low error rate and significant improvements in efficiency. Highly appreciated by the Chinese company are also the handling of delivery, training and technical support, and the extremely low frequency of faults during working time is extremely low.

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