Grinding Lizzini with Haas software

Posted 5 May 2016

Italian Wallram GrindTec (Lizzini) and Haas agreed to collaborate in the grinding sector: Lizzini external and internal cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding machines will be supplied with the Haas grinding software, installed under the GrindSelect label along with other technical, application specific components developed by Lizzini.

The software is a special development of the Haas Multigrind Horizon software for use in cylindrical grinding, and is based on a progressive IT architecture, making it easier to program grinding tasks ensuring safe and flexible processes. The Haas software allows Lizzini Wallram GrindTec to answer the growing demand of shrinking batch sizes and increasing flexibility in the market: the program is able to process 3D data of the CAD programs, graphically prepare it and simulate both the workpiece and machine action in real time. Pictured here, from left, Massimo Tortelli, co-shareholder and plant manager at Wallram GrindTec Lizzini, and Wolfram Hermle, chief of Haas software development.

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