Green compressed air with Mattei at Hannover Messe 2019

Posted 14 March 2019
compressori green Mattei Hannover Messe 2019

In the year of its 100-year anniversary, Mattei brings to Hannover Messe 2019 its Green philosophy with its new high-efficiency Mattei Extreme 90i range of compressors, 2019 edition. The compressor guarantees high performance thanks to a 1:1 ratio between the speed of the electric motor and the pumping unit.

The latest generation is equipped with an inverter, which adapts its operation according to the load profile required by the network, maximising the achievable energy savings up to 35%, in addition to a near-silent operation and extremely ease of use. The inverter allows changes to the rotation speed of the motor, adjusting the air flow delivered to the compressor to the actual level required.

The machine also has a thermostatic valve installed that is managed electronically from the Maestro XC controller, offering the greatest possible flexibility, even with extreme temperatures and in different environmental conditions, all to the benefit of increased energy efficiency. In fact, the combined use of the valve with an electronically controlled fan makes it possible to select the machine’s thermal regulation strategy so it is best suited to the actual working conditions.

The company’s effort to combine environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in the technological innovation of its compressors will be finally reflected by the stand of Mattei at the fair, a bright open minimalistic space with numerous green inserts recalling natural elements.

compressori green gamma Mattei

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