Flow switches for high pressures Giacomello

Posted 10 October 2016
flow switches F.lli Giacomello

F.lli Giacomello presents the flow switches and flowmeters FLU/P, for high pressures increased up to 25 bars, from 5 bars of the previous version, thanks to enhancements on the seal after tests and internal r&s. The new FLU/P flow switches offer a wider range of applications, ensuring high resistance thanks to the body in Grilamid TR55 (PA transparent), for high visibility on each side and a clear reading of the scale.

The flowmeters are suitable for fluids and water, oil and diluents and trichlorethylene, and offer a unique linear progression thanks to the special conformation of the cone. The series can be equipped with one or two alarm sensors with reed contact, also available with red LED (or green on demand), for field signaling of the presence or absence of the predetermined flowrate.

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