Filter valves IMI Precision up to 10 bar

Posted 24 February 2017
filter valve 10 bar IMI Precision Engineering

IMI Precision Engineering expanded its portfolio of IMI Buschjost filter valves with 2/2 way valves that can withstand operating pressures up to 10 bar. The new valve variation makes the cleaning of filter systems through higher pressure surges more efficient. In addition to the the improved cleaning results, the valve offers further significant advantages, such as the possibility to equip filter systems with longer and larger filter hoses, increasing the efficiency of the whole system.

Furthermore, the filter valve also withstand design pressures up to 12 bar, so that while testing the tightness of the pressure accumulator it is not therefore necessary to convert the system during acceptance inspections. The key component of the valve is a high quality TPE-diaphragm, that works without pressure springs, and is particularly durable and reliable in operation. The diaphragm offers quick opening and closing times, reducing compressed air consumption and operating costs. The compressive strength of the diaphragm has been expanded to 10 bar thanks to a number of design modifications.

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