Egyptian-Italian Women business forum with Monzesi

Posted 19 February 2018
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The first Egyptian Italian Business Women Forum was held last December in Milan, organized by Monzesi, first Italian global manufacturer of high precision grinding machines with an Egyptian subsidiary. During the three-day event, Egyptian and Italian companies shared experiences and ideas on the leading role of women in business between the two countries, aimed to develop new collaborations in several sectors, such as textile, fashion and industrial investments.

The event was hosted in the headquarters of Borsa Italiana’s Elite programme and Italian foreign trade association AICE. Aice also offered its patronage with BWE21, Business Women of Egypt, the Egyptian association of female entrepreneurs. The event was attended by various notable figures from business and political world, such as Maria Rita Rigamonti, ceo of Monzesi, Aida Zayed, general director Fashion and design division of the Egyptian Ministry of industry and international trade, Mario Boselli, honorary president of the Italian fashion chamber and of the Arab Fashion Council, Moushira Khattab, ex minister of Family & population in Egypt, Ahmed Magoawry Diab, commercial consul of Egypt in Milano, Yomna El Sheridy, president of Business Women of Egypt 21, Marinella Loddo, director of ICE, and Marco Gilardoni, ceo Gilardoni spa.

Several points of agreement have been reached, such as the opportunities for reciprocal benefits in the collaboration Italy-Egypt, especially in the food & beverage industry, agriculture, energy, security, leather, technology, water and environment, as well as the fact that female employment can boost a country’s economy, while its image and reputation relays on the role of women in the society. The sessions also pointed out how the newly Egyptian issued Investment law and Industrial licensing law provides real opportunities helping doing business in Egypt, especially in the private sector, for SMEs, finance and enhancing the value of women in business.

The participants also decided to promote the creation of an Italian-Egyptian female entrepreneurs association in Milan, a connection link for future bilateral meetings to be organized every year in both Italian and Cairo venues.

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