Double tools balanced turning in the new Esprit by DP Technology

Posted 1 June 2020
DP Technology nuovo Esprit

DP Technology announces a new update to its Esprit CAM software, that includes new features such as a balanced turning cycle. The feature unlocks new capabilities for lathe users, including the possibility to use two tools to make simultaneous cuts to the same workpiece, automatically synchronizing passes between tools.

Balanced turning can also achieve roughing with one tool and finishing with the second. The feature reduces cycle times by taking heavier cuts with pinch turning, using lead and trailing tools to cut two depths at once. In addition, it finally reduces stock deflection on long, slender parts, ensuring consistency.

The new Esprit also expands probing features, improving the intelligent cycle selection by supporting more advanced scenarios, using a 4th-axis measurement, 5-point rectangle, angled surface and angled web/pocket. These updates allow users to increase automation, reducing human intervention and therefore human error.

The software update also offers enhancements to other existing features, such as additive directed-energy-deposition (DED), allowing manufacturers on the forefront to further expand their capabilities. Employing a dedicated approach for additive trajectories, this update manages dwell time for pauses between layers.

The combination of each new feature into one large release helps keep the software on the cutting edge and minimize disruptions in customers’ shops. Finally, with the new version users can enjoy features including coolant improvement, drilling interrupted holes, collinear axes and other ways to expand their capabilities.


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