Digital twin Siemens for IoT connected cars

Posted 11 February 2019
software embedded automotive Siemens

Siemens‘ Integrated Software Engineering solutions for the automotive industry allows to manage the development of embedded software in close synchronization with the development of physical systems, an important challenge for the production of high-quality mechatronic systems that will power the future of transportation.

As cars get more sophisticated, with features like collision avoidance, automatic parallel parking, and the advent of self-driving autonomous vehicles, the need for software to control these functions will indeed continue to accelerate. A digital twin of vehicle systems capable of representing the complete physical and digital behavior of today’s IoT connected cars is thus necessary to realize innovations. By integrating application lifecycle management (ALM) software with product lifecycle management (PLM) software, Siemens is delivering a solution for the automotive industry to seamlessly manage the inherently different lifecycles of electro-mechanical systems and the development of software used to control those physical systems.

As a result, automotive companies could enhance software functionality and traceability, while improving overall product quality and reducing automotive recalls associated with embedded software. Over the next several months, Siemens PLM Software will also be launching a series of announcements about its Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions aimed at addressing pressing business needs for a wide variety of industries.

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