Digital displacement pump Danfoss awarded by Agritechnica

Posted 28 February 2022
Danfoss award Agritechnica pompa volumetrica digitale

The Danfoss DDP096 digital displacement pump has been named a winner of Agritechnica’s prestigious Systems & Components Trophy 2022. Presented by DLG, the German Agricultural Society, the award recognises the inventive spirit of industry suppliers and their importance to agricultural technology. The digital displacement pump triumphed as one of three winners from among 20 nominees.

Delivering hydraulic fluid power with both high efficiency and controllability, the digital displacement pump uses solenoid valves to control each cylinder on a shaft-turn-by-shaft-turn basis. The technology offers a fast response rate and reduces energy losses by up to 90% compared with conventional pumps. Additionally, it is possible to bring groups of cylinders out to the endplate for independent control, creating a multi-service pump in a compact package. Original equipment manufacturers can take advantage of up to three separately controllable outputs from a single pump body.

This level of innovation caught the eye of the awards jury, which comprised development engineers from leading agricultural OEMs. Judging criteria included practical significance and benefits to profitability, processes, environment, energy use, workload and safety.

“We are excited and honored to win this prestigious award – said Alasdair Robertson, director of product portfolio and marketing for Digital Displacement, Danfoss Power Solutions, who accepted the award during a virtual event held February 8 as part of the Agritechnica 2022 digital program -. The fact that industry development engineers recognised our product as an outstanding innovation makes it even more significant and highlights the advantages Digital Displacement can bring to OEMs in the agriculture sector“.

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