Crash tests digitization in Continental with Kistler

Posted 17 September 2018
crash test Kistler DTI Continental

Continental Safety Engineering relies on data acquisition technology from Kistler since 2015, when the company contacted the technology supplier to upgrade the DAS (data acquisition system) and the existing in-dummy sensors for crash test measurements. At Continental’s development site, approximately 550 sled tests and 450 crash tests are currently performed per year. The number of sensors needed in a crash test is constantly growing, while the installation space available in the vehicle is decreasing.

Kistler’s DTI – digital transducer interface technology uses an integrated data bus system. Data from a wide range of sensors are converted into digital output signals by digitization modules, the DiMods, installed directly in the Kistler sensors. Where sensors are already in place, suitable Kistler DTI integration solutions are used. The digitized sensor signals are then recorded during the crash event by a central Kistler DTI data recorder mounted in the dummy. One single cable for data, synchronization, triggering and power supply runs from the dummy to the vehicle communication box. Post test, the data are downloaded via the vehicle communication box for evaluation by the facility computer on Ethernet.

Thanks the the Kistler solution, the DAS required in the trunk is less bulky, and thick analog sensor cabling is replaced by one single digital cable from the dummy to the vehicle, making installation easier and speeding up test’s preparation. In addition, delivering accurate measurement data, Kistler’s sensors are extremely reliable and durable.

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