Compressors Mattei at InnoTrans 2016

Posted 1 September 2016

Mattei is bringing its compressors of the Transit range to the InnoTrans Biennial Convention (stand 404, Hall 1.2) to be held on September 20th to 23rd 2016 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin. The Transit range of the Mattei compressors is intended for automotive pneumatic applications, in passenger and freight transit technology, such as vehicle brakes, doors, control systems and security batteries.

Along with the RVM line, the company will exhibit the APM300 unit, to be employed on passenger vehicles, and the Smith unit, for use with battery operated vehicles. Mattei compressors are compact, lightweight and thanks to the rotary vane technology utilized ensure low rotational speed, usually under 2.000 RPM, and limited number of moving components, offering high quality compressed air and reduced noise level without vibrations. These characteristics make them ideal for use in ecologic vehicles, both hybrid or battery operated.

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