Composites Victrex at K 2016

Posted 15 September 2016

Victrex will bring to K 2016 its extended range of composites and high performance polymers, developed for aerospace industry and hybrid molding technology manufacturing, automotive and oil and gas sectors. These will include the new Victrex AE 250 composites, developed in various forms offering great potential for the aviation industry, to produce in combination with hybrid molding technology mounts, clamps, clips and housings for primary and secondary structures in minutes.

A record length Peek structure for composites, in the form of a spoolable m-pipe produced for Magma Global Limited, will be showcased in the oil and gas section, along with thermoplastics offering unique range properties for sealing systems at cryogenic temperature, and the Victrex OGS 125 developed to optimize the compression molding of large seals. The company will then showcase the full Peek-based gears package for the automotive industry, complete with an efficient custom and services for precise and rapid design, development and testing, thanks to the acquisition of the US gear specialist Kleiss Gears. At last, the ultra-thin Peek-based Aptiv films will represent a forward solution for e-motors in the automotive sector, used as a slot liner for electrical insulation, allowing 5% more copper to be used, compared with traditional materials, enabling an increase in power density of the same size motor, or reducing space and costs for equal power motors. Victrex is attending K 2016 in Hall 5, stand B09.

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