Coil fed fiber laser cutting from Danobat Group

Posted 3 September 2020
Danobat taglio laser coil

The Danobat Sheet metal division expanded its fiber laser cutting product line with the introduction of coil fed systems, which integrated with the laser cutting module ensure continuous operation increasing productivity as a result of reduced machine downtimes, and offering significant savings up to 15% in the use of materials, improving sheet utilization.

The feeding line is equipped with an uncoiler which unrolls the coil, a straightener which removes the sheet’s contours and internal stresses, and a looping pit which stores the straightened material for processing. The laser consists of a fiber laser generator and ProCutter cutting head from Precitec, which moves in sync with the sheet to obtain the desired geometries and is designed to achieve greater control of the cutting process. It is possible to monitor the state of the head at all times, and a mobile phone can be used to display parameters such as optic temperature and pressure of gas cutting and purge.

The exit of the cut pieces can be automated using different systems such as robots and stackers, depending on the customer’s needs. The modular design of the solution allows the integration of multiple heads, in order to exponentially increase the cutting process’s productivity, consequently distributing the workload among the heads.

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