Bellows actuators Aventics for laminated glass

Posted 8 February 2016

Aventics supplied bellows actuators for the LamiPressVario system, an innovating machine for the production of laminated safety glass developed by german FVG Marl. The machine simplifies and speeds up production, lowering costs and shortening the process to a total of 90 minutes. The LamiPressVario doesn’t require pre-lamination, thanks to a patented reactor ring element, fully extracting air and residual humidity from the film layers between the glass panes, with heating panels integrated in the bench providing process temperatures required, up to 160°.

The 49 bellows actuators Avantics below the bench press up against the overpressure to lift the bench loaded with panes, for a load that can equal 180 tons, and the pneumatic control automatically ensures an even distribution of force across all bellows actuators on the crossbeams. Burst pressure is reached at 24 bar, offering a safety margin of 300%, and the actuators are temperature-resistant up to 90°, and up to 130° in one version. The cylinder cover is composed in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, just like the air connection, and the multi-layer bellows is made of special chemical-resistant rubber.

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