B-nut JPB Système for fittings in harsh environments

Posted 3 February 2020
dadi Lulylok JPB Système

JPB Système presents Lulylok, a B-nut for fittings including a self-locking device, which provides the benefit to prevent inadvertent loosening in harsh environments, caused by events such as vibrations, extreme temperatures and corrosive agents.

The technology created and patented by JPB Système is part of the company mission to provide innovative solutions to secure fluid and gas connections in the industry, being for instance perfectly suited for aerospace engines. Lulylok can indeed be adapted to many types of fittings to eliminate the use of safety wire or complex positive locking mechanism, reducing maintenance time and eliminating potential FOD (Foreign object damage).

The component is available in stainless steel 347 and Inconel 625, as well as other materials on request.

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