Algorithms for intelligent weighing technology B+L in Servotecnica

Posted 25 October 2021
Servotecnica pesatura BL measuring strumenti pesatura misurazione

Weighing, measuring and dosing technologies by B+L Industrial Measurements, represented in Italy by Servotecnica, combine high accuracy, speed, reliability and durability in applications for machine and plant manufacturers. All the instruments are approved and compliant to current weighing and measuring standards.

B+L, a former part of the Bran+Luebbe group, has over 50 years of experience and expertise in development and manufacturing of high performance weighing controllers for filling, dosing and check-weighing, and provides competent service and support for customers worldwide. B+L is also the European partner of the American company Hardy Process Solutions, specialized in process weighing technology.

The precision and repeatability of the weighing controllers are based on high resolution of the measured values, the suppression of disturbing influences on the measurement signal, and dynamic control algorithms for continuous optimization of the dosing process, e.g. by automatic adaptation to material fluctuations even at high speeds.

B+L weighing controllers are Industry 4.0 ready and can be integrated into almost any machine and control environment. Monitoring functions, menus and dialogs support the technical staff and operators during configuration, commissioning and use. The integrated web server allows remote management of parameterization, diagnostics and maintenance via a browser.


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