Speciale Hannover Messe

48 SPECIAL HANNOVERMESS E 2023 The more the digital world is making its way into our lives, the more integral security be- comes to every project. When it comes to protecting and monetizing intellectual pro- perty that is made available in the form of digital assets, technology has evolved over the decades from the single option of using dedicated hardware to the introduction of software-based solutions, more recently complemented by new cloud alternatives. Now, with the CmReady line of certified de- vices, a hybrid option has emerged that will be on sale on the global market as of June. A fundamental pillar is interoperability One of the core pillars that have always di- stinguished Wibu-Systems’ technology is interoperability. In practice, this has meant mutually compatible license containers, multi-platform support, the possibility to operate different types of devices within heterogeneous systems, and the integra- tion of many different mainstream back-of- fice solutions. Following this basic principle, CodeMeter technology has provided B2B software developers and the creators of In- dustry 4.0 solutions with enormous design flexibility over the years. CmReady-certified devices are also true to this goal and repre- sent a complementary option to the USB sticks, memory cards, and ASICs produ- ced by Wibu-Systems and equipped with smart card chips. CmReady memory cards are secure third-party hardware elements designed mostly for industrial applications. As they are not equipped with a dedicated security controller like their CmDongle cou- sins, they bind the license for the protected software to specific properties peculiar to the product. Software manufacturers were always re- commended to use a hardware license container over a software one for security reasons, and this holds true to this day. In this respect, CmReady stands between the software CmActLicenses and hardwa- re CmDongles. Just as with CmActLicen- ses, cryptographic keys are stored in an encrypted license file, but unlike CmAct- licenses, the licenses are bound to the memory card and not the endpoint, which makes CmReady as mobile as CmDon- gles. Time is an essential factor for verifying the validity of a license: just like CmActLi- censes, CmReady devices use a virtual clock, compared to CmDongles with the real-time clock built into their smart card chips. Usage counters must also be sa- feguarded from malicious attacks, which again means that they are kept inside the smart card chip on CmDongles or in the encrypted files in the case of CmReady and CmActLicense containers. Focus on sustainability to save resources Attentive also to sustainability, as much in the architecture and facilities of its new headquarters as in its products and their packaging, Wibu-Systems sees CmRe- ady as a way for its users to save resour- ces: those who already use memory cards in conjunction with their embedded or IoT devices will be able to keep using them to also shield their know-how or even com- mercialize hardware functions with a smart license management strategy. Promotional message Swissbit’s Data Protection (DP) line of industrial-grade SD and microSD cards is the first to bear the CmReady certification. Comparison of hardware license containers (CmDongles), software-based (CmActLicenses), and the new CmReady hybrid solution. WIBU-SYSTEMS Zimmerstrasse, 5 76137 - Karlsruhe (Germania) Tel. +39 035 0667070 team@wibu.com www.wibu.com Hall 16 - Stand B09