Welding residual oxygen detector HFT

Posted 29 May 2017
saldatura senza ossido Andit Automazione

The PurgEye 100 welding residual oxygen detector by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques allows to obtain non-oxidized, zero-color welds by monitoring the oxigen content when welding metals such as stainless, duplex and chrome steels, titanium and nickel alloys. By eliminating post weld cleaning costs, the system guarantees high quality weld, is IP65 rated and comes with leak-tight push buttons, auto calibration features, vacuum-sealed leak-tight probe assembly, wrist/neck strap and tripod mount.

The large digital LCD screen, with a 24 mm high display, allows to easily read the residual oxygen level, measuring as low as 100 ppm with high accuracy and speedy measurements, being displayed within seconds. The extra long life sensor employed provides approximately 18 months life, and a low sensor indicator warns when a new one is required. A new sensor can be fitted like changing a battery. The monitor can then be re-calibrated easily by the user, and it enters in an automatic sleep mode when not in use, in order to conserve battery life.

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