Textile façade flexible system from Schüco

Posted 11 October 2017
facciate tessili Schüco

Schüco presents the Facid textile façade system, developed to offer a green, sustainable and flexible solution in the building industry. The solution is aimed to the continuing developing trends in sustainable building, thinking of changes in use, modifications for technical reasons or new corporate architecture needs. The Facid façade textile surface enables most changes of this type to be made while the building is still in use, without interfering with the fabric of the building itself.

Facid uses a patented clamping system, that can be used in suspended, rear-ventilated façades, integrated – and, if desired, active – screening and solar shading, in additional decorative levels or a combined façade, without requiring any complex fabric manufacture. The solution provides developers and architects with considerable design freedom, low weight per unit area for metal fabricators and easy installation. Using a ’flexholder technique’, the system has reversible flexholders, clamped onto the pre-cut fabric and subsequently locked into the clamping channel of the profile, providing an internal mechanism that tensions perfectly and immediately up to all corners and connections. Facid is available in a wide variety of fabrics, including pre-tensioned printable PVC fabric and high-quality fibreglass fabric, and all fabrics are available in many colors and various degrees of porosity.

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